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Dragonfly 60mL Deluxe Bottle

$165.00 USD

The Impressionistic Pond

Drifting through swaying reeds and billowing stalks of papyrus, a breeze gives chase to a sweet morning mist. A perfect mirror, revealed upon still green water, is shattered by a sudden shower, casting the gentle romance of lotus and iris into a frenzied, passionate rhythm. High above, tendrils of sunlight nudge away the grey clouds, their warmth drawing dense aromas from the dewy surfaces below. Beneath the dwindling ripples, restless nymphs stir and begin to emerge. Under the soft moonlight, the newly-hatched dragonflies spread fragile, virgin wings, poised to explore the world between pool and sky.

Like a glade captured in delicate strokes upon an impressionist canvas, the rich, green floral medley of Zoologist Dragonfly transports you through a maze of moody tones and melancholy weather. This olfactory journey echoes the cycle of a cobalt pond, from the crackling light of dawn to the thick blanket of nightfall, under the gaze of the flitting dragonfly.

  • Top Notes: Aldehydes, Heliotrope, Lemon, Peony, Rainwater
  • Heart Notes: Cherry Blossom, Clover, Iris, Lotus, Rice
  • Base Notes: Amber, Moss, Musk*, Papyrus, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Juan M. Perez
Parfum Concentration: 15%
Size: 60 mL / 2 fl. oz

*Synthetic notes. Zoologist Dragonfly does not use animal products.

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Made in Canada. Product will be shipped from Canada.