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Bare Minerals

Perfecting Face Brush

$28.00 USD


Patented liquid application brush

Featuring a truly unique design, the super convenient perfecting face foundation brush has an exclusive fluid reservoir that holds liquid foundation (as well as other skin-enhancing products) until you are ready to apply it.

Expertly engineered to be paired with bareskin®liquid foundation, the soft, synthetic fibers provide no-mess foundation application directly from the bottle to the brush. This must-have makeup brush gives you the power to adjust your coverage to the drop for a perfectly seamless foundation application. It is so effective and easy to use that we patented its bestselling distinctive design.

Use the perfecting face brush and apply one drop of barepro glow with your barepro liquid foundation to adjust your finish from natural matte to radiant.

Use the perfecting face brush and apply any of your favorite skincare treatments. Place one to two pumps of skinlongevity into the brush and buff onto the skin for a luxurious application.

Use the perfecting face brush with a chocolate chip size of moisturizer and smooth onto the face for a no fuss, no mess application.


Specially designed to be used with bareskin® liquid foundation

Unique fluid reservoir allows you to adjust your foundation coverage by the drop

Amazingly effective makeup brush provides a no-mess foundation application

Soft, synthetic fibers create a perfectly seamless application

How to Use

The perfecting face foundation brush was designed specifically to be used with bareskin® liquid foundation to give you customizable light-to-full coverage with a beautifully natural finish.

For best results, we recommend cleaning the liquid foundation brush regularly, allowing it to fully dry before each use.

For flawless application, use the shake, drop, buff method

  • Shake the bareskin® liquid foundation bottle well.
  • Drop 1-2 drops of foundation into the fluid reservoir of the perfecting face brush.
  • Buff onto the skin in a circular motion.
  1. Shake the bareskin bottle a few times before each use to be sure the skin brightening serum is properly mixed with the foundation.
  2. Drop one to two drops into the special fluid reservoir of the perfecting face brush to begin and move onto to step 3. To increase coverage, you can add additional drops and repeat the buffing application.
  3. Buff the mineral makeup onto your skin in a swirling, circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbones. Then buff around your face, working your way to the forehead, cheeks and nose. Buff until you're satisfied with the coverage, or add more drops to build coverage.

Pro tip: if you really want to treat your skin to something special, try mixing bareskin® foundation with your favorite primer, moisturizer or serum directly in the reservoir of the brush.