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Bare Minerals

Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

$20.00 USD


Full coverage concealer brush

Designed to expertly conceal broken capillaries, scars, blemishes and more, the maximum coverage concealer brush provides perfectly invisible coverage. Its synthetic fibers hold more concealer for quicker cover-ups and are stretched to extra-thin, flexible lengths to easily maneuver tight areas around the eyes and nose. This full coverage concealer brush features a wide base that lays down comfortably and effortlessly smooths out imperfections with ease.


Expertly-designed makeup brush created to smooth out imperfections with ease

How to Use

Use the brush to pat or tap concealer directly onto imperfections, then blend around the covered area. Can be used before or after applying your foundation.

This brush can also double as an applicator for lipstick and cream eyeshadows.