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Parfums Jazmin Sarai


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Eau de Parfum

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Both neverending and blue, the sea and the mountains are lifelong friends. The scent begins with a burst of lemon, a scent synonymous with Lebanon.
The wind carries the scent of the sea, merging with the fresh scent of green nature and the vastness of the mountains. Juxtaposed with woods and a faint Arak* accord to create a ‘turquoise’ color. 
*Arak: Levantine anisic spirit similar to Ouzo
Fairuz’s legendary voice echoes in the hearts and minds of the Lebanese to this day. 
Fragrance Notes 
Lemon, Neroli, Arak Accord, Sea Notes, Fig, Cedarwood & Cypress
Music Genres
Arabic, Pop, Lebanese Folk.
Inspired by Fairuz’s 
'Shayef El Bahr’ شايف البحر شو كبير - ‘See the Sea’ 
*Colour of juice may differ due to natural ingredients. The olfactory profile is the same.