Generation Straight Razor

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Design by BABE of Brooklyn, our GENERATION (Straight-Razor) are made in America, and crafted by a small team of artisans based out of Michigan.

Made for today's modern gentleman, each 5/8" blade is a limited-edition work of art. Our forged steel is tested at a Rockwell hardness of 63, which gives it the sharpest and longest lasting edge on the market.

Olde World

Made as 0-1 Tool Steel, surface to ground heat application. Each blade was heat treated in a molten salt bath, then frozen in liquid nitrogen. As authentic as can be, this blue-ing process is a signature design feature giving the blade a deep AGATE matte finish. The result is a sleek submarine-like lines on the spine. The heel on each blade have been honed which streamlines the blade to perfection. The Shanks have built in ridges for grip. 


Composed with a beautiful, natural synthetic material used in the jewelry industry since the 14th Century, this resin was also used to seal NAVY vessels (which is part of the brand theme).  Intentionally organic and built to last, this latest handcrafted addition is an homage to our stored childhood memory of the submarines that our father served in.  

Each handcrafted razor is laser stamped with the brand signature. Enjoy our Heirloom addition & pass it down.  

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