Argos Pour Homme Tester



Argos Pour Homme is a clean and elegant scent that is both sensual and masculine.

Its fresh top notes pull you in while its middle notes captivate your attention and entice the senses followed by a long-lasting base that is truly remarkable and memorable.

Created from the finest natural ingredients, Argos Pour Homme transports you to another world of opulence and luxury.

ARGOS Pour Homme with its intense top notes of British Gin, Crisp Orange Slices, Lemon and Lime and Scottish Highland Pine pull you in.

Its middle notes of Lavender, African Violet, Wild Jasmine, and Vetiver captivate your attention and entice the senses. Argos Pour Homme is the best men’s fragrance one can have holds your attention with its long-lasting base note of Bahamian Sage, Sandalwood from Mysore, Canadian Cedar Shavings, Amber, Neroli and White Musk with a touch of Patchouli White.

Argos Pour Homme is a powerfully inviting and memorable fragrance it truly raises the standard in both opulence and luxury in men’s fragrance.


Argos represents the return to a classic and masculine man.

Strong lines and symmetric shapes form the shape of the Argos Pour Homme bottle and cap.

Classic silver foil lettering conjure imagery of ancient Greece.

You can run your fingers across the bottle and feel the Argos Logo and lettering.

Similar to a Greek column, atop the Argos bottle sits a custom matching cap with the Argos logo peering out in an elegant silver shade.

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