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Jolie Maroc

Skincare Trio

$108.00 USD

This amazing trio was designed for as a perfect solution for ALL skin types. Hydrating, gentle, and anti-aging. It includes the following:


Step 1 - Argan Oil Cleanser + Eucalyptus

Experience the benefits of both argan oil + eucalyptus in this hydrating and age-defying cleanser that deeply and gently cleanses away impurities for a smooth and vibrant complexion. This face cleanser luxuriously transforms into a silky lather that melts away debris and make up while preserving moisture and the integrity of the skin leaiving it irresistibly refreshed and clean.


Step 2 - Rose Water Face Mist

Rose Water is an ancient beauty secret that was a favorite of Cleopatra. It was a staple in her daily skincare routine.It's anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits make it a perfect addition for any skin or hair type. This special face mist has a delicate floral scent & is derived from distilled Moroccan rose buds though an intricate process.


Step 3 - Argan Oil + Moroccan Rose Intensive Serum

Treat yourself with this special Argan Oil infused with pure rose essential oil. The antimicrobial and aromatherapy benefits enhance the Argan oil as well as add a subtle floral aroma. 




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