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Anima Vinci

Seseme Chan

$392.00 CAD

Thomas Fontaine.

A positivity potion, infused by the warmth of a Balinese sun.

Have a transformative effect of joy and happiness with Jasmine YangA delicate mix of Jasmine and Frangipanigathering positive energy.

Reminiscing Ubud, Bali,  we wanted to replicate the uplifting spiritual ceremonies.  It’s this shared experience – this communal joy.

The foundations of solar flowers emblems spiritual significance and a truly nourishing potion. 

Top Notes: Mandarin, yuzu, pink pepper. 
Heart Notes: Solar flowers, water jasmine, frangipani, ylang ylang. 
Base Notes: Sandalwood, ambergris, patchouli, vanilla, white musk.