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Creative Professional

Eco-Friendly Mixed Bristle Round Hair Brush

$26.00 CAD

Create the perfect, polished blowout with this boar's hair round brush reinforced with nylon. Style your hair comfortably and in good conscience with an ergonomic, eco-friendly brush. The birchwood and boar bristles of this Creative Pro Hair Tools brush not only lend this hair brush it’s beautiful, natural look, but also provide you a styling tool that naturally hydrates your hair. As the boar bristles gently massages your scalp, natural oil is produced and carried down the hair shaft as you brush your hair. Additionally, because of its design, this ergonomic hair brush limits the stress that it puts on your hands and shoulders. Use an eco-friendly brush that will not only help you achieve a polished blowout comfortably, but will make you feel good using it.