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Ameon Retreat Set - Ameon Holy Cream - Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes

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Ameon Holy Cream - Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes


Is your face feeling fatigued from too much screen time, Pinot Noir, or subway delays?

The Retreat Set is here to give your skin a well-deserved break. Featuring three of our most calming and revitalizing products; The Supreme Energy Ice Cubes, Baby Buddha Calming Serum, and limited edition Holy Cream Diamond Moisturizer join forces to scientifically restore the balance of your skin's precious microbiome for a healthy, dewy glow.


RECOMMENDED FOR:+ Irritated and tired skin
+ Acne prone skin
+ Oily Skin

Step 1

Massage your face with our sub-zero essence Ice Cubes

Step One is to apply the Ice Cube in gentle, circular motions to your face and neck after cleansing skin.

AMEŌN Ice Cubes are a miracle essence that preps the skin to more effectively absorb AMEŌN serum and moisturizer to boost cell rejuvenation.
This sub-zero ritual increases skin circulation and helps tighten pores, soothe inflammation, and fill in wrinkles. The cold invigorates and lets you know your skincare routine is working.

TIP: Wait until Ice Cube essence absorbs into your skin before you apply serum.

Step 2

Gently apply Serum

Step Two is to apply a few drops of BABY BUDDHA Calming Serum to reset the skin microbiome.
BABY BUDDHA Calming Serum is designed to maintain balance and decrease damage from stress and pollution.
This serum is a powerful addition to the daily skincare ritual of anyone seeking to soothe irritated, tired or stressed skin.

TIP: Give it a few minutes to absorb before you apply HOLY CREAM Diamond Moisturizer.

Step 3

Finish with moisturizer

Step Three is to apply HOLY CREAM Diamond Moisturizer in light strokes to the face and neck without over-massaging.
HOLY CREAM is a lightweight, luxurious and thoughtfully formulated moisturizer that will improve your skin's tone and texture and enhance its natural glow.

TIP: For daytime use, follow with sunscreen.


Ameon Retreat Set Ameon Holy Cream - Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes

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