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Anima Vinci

Anima Vinci Discovery Set

$85.00 USD

The best way to discover our range of uplifting fragrances is to try them all in the comfort of your home. Our discovery set comes with eight samples of 1.5 ml.

  • Lime spirit / A citrus potion designed to stimulate  body & mind
  • Rose Prana / A potion to boost your confidence
  • Jasmine Yang / A positivity potion, infused with joy and happiness
  • Wood of Life / A potion to remind us of the power of meditation
  • Oud Delight /  A mystical potion designed to fortify the power of your mind 
  • Tudo Azul / The potion to put a smile on your face
  • Neroli Wisdom / Our relaxing potion
  • Sesame Chān / A potion to provide a zen state of mind

With proof of purchase, this set is redeemable for $65 off towards a full-bottle from the brand.