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Why Curls Fall Flat?

Posted on November 04 2020

Why Curls Fall Flat?

Curls fall flat when there's not enough product or, no product at all to help them define their shape. Try increasing the amount of gel or foam while styling or adopt some of Joel Warren's (a.k.a. #thecurlking 's) tips outlined below:

Long-lasting curls start in the shower. Step one, add conditioner when your hair is sopping wet. We love  @swavycurlycourtney's 'squish to condish' YouTube video. Sometimes you have to exert a lot of effort, but it's worth it if you come out with a better curl. If you use a hairdryer, try blow-drying wet hair with the diffuser for a defined, bouncy curl.

If your curls look tired and weak, you may need to rethink your routine and make adjustments. Find the difference between buildup or over moisturized hair by simply touching your hair. If the hair is soft, smooth, and silky, it's over moisturized. If it's hard, dirty-feeling (even if you just washed it), dry, fluffy, oily, or sticky, it's buildup. Alternating between gentle and clarifying shampoos tackles both. Our favorite Vicious Curl Curlicure Therapy Mist.

Pay close attention to any excess leave-in products on your hair. Too many products weigh curls down and can pull them out. Experiment with the consistency and amount, especially if you have fine hair.   Vicious Curl Moisture Surge Conditioner provides all the moisture, without any of the weight.

Want to make your curls last? Stop touching your hair! You are not alone as this is a very common problem. Leave your curls alone, you worked hard on your curls, they look beautiful, now - hands off! Touching your hair pulls out curls by actually "pulling" on them. Touching your hair adds unneeded oils to your hair weighing down your curls even more. We know how difficult it is to resist, but curls can change their perfectly styled appearance if we are always touching them.

Lastly, your curls may change and start to appear more straight after a haircut. Give hair the time it needs to get used to the new cut and length. With the right products (and right haircut!) your curls will be back to bouncing frizz-free in no time.


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